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Celebrating Our Dogs - Letters of Love

To celebrate our new TV ad which highlights all the special memories we create with our pooches and all the ways our dogs move us, we asked a few of our YuMOVE team to write their letters of love. Check them out below, pretty powerful stuff! Thank you to the 9 million dogs in the UK and beyond, for all that they give us.

Becca's (Customer Service) letter of love for Ollie

Dear Ollie,
                    I want to write you a letter of appreciation to say thank you. Thank you for making our house a home. I thought it was home long before you arrived, but honestly you complete it. There is no better feeling than coming to the door, knowing you are going to be looking out of the living room window, waiting excitedly for us to come inside.

Ollie the lab as a puppy

You always greet us with so much love. Thank you for being more than a dog to us – you were an essential part of our family from the moment we picked you up. You trusted us wholeheartedly, somehow seeming to know we would love you and take care of you. Little did we know, sometimes we would need you to do the same (and you did).

You have no idea what we’re laughing about when we’re laughing but that does not stop your tail wagging at what seems like a hundred miles per hour, or you jumping all over us to join in on the joke. You have no idea why people get upset sometimes, yet you’re right by our side, providing comfort (and so many kisses that we usually end up nearly falling over). Thank you for being your lovely Chocolate Labrador self. Thank you for being the best friend that everyone deserves. Thank you for being family.

Lots of love always,


Ollie the lab in the garden

(Ollie already loving the letter) 

Jess' (Marketing) letter of love to Teddy

            You may take up the bed with your horizonal sleeping, stiff puppy pads facing the ceiling and duvet hugger ways. You may make my king size bed seem extremely small and follow me around the house, even when I’m late for work and in a rush or trying to get some privacy on the toilet.

Teddy on the beach

But, waking up to your beautiful brown eyes, your little wet button nose and velvet fluffy ears gives me the best breakfast kisses to start my day with a smile.

Your cheeky, loveable and infectious personality lifts my heart every day. You’re my little Teddy Bear, my little lion and the greatest friend any girl could have.

Love, Jess

Jess with Teddy

(Gin N' Teddy)

Mark (Customer Service) letter of love to Buster

Dear Buster,

I am writing this letter to you as a token of both my love and appreciation to you. We took you in from a broken home 5 years ago and it was the best decision we ever made as a family. You came from an environment where you were shown no love, no loyalty, no care, and no appreciation.

Buster enjoying a head rub

It was clear from the start that it was going to take you a while to build your trust with us, but you did just that. From walking around our family home on day one with your tail tucked and nose to the floor which absolutely broke our hearts, to bounding around full of joy and being the absolute rock of this family.

Buster, I love you. Every morning when I wake up and see your innocent little face, it reminds me of how truly lucky we have been to have found and rescued you. You have been there for all of us through the good times and the bad and really given us the support we needed at times. You will never get to understand the true happiness and joy you have given me, and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and trust that you have given me.

You are my Buster, you are my boy and I will always love you with everything I have until the day we have to say goodbye.

Mark get kissed by Buster

(Mark and Buster enjoying kisses)

Amanda's (Customer Service) nephew Charlie and his best pal Bruce

Charlie and Bruce

This is Bruce, he’s 10 months old and he is a cross Springer-Pomeranian. He came from a home that was shouting and shouting at him, locking him away in a cupboard, also we think his foot was caught in a door at some point, as he has a twist in his right foot. When my sister got him home he immediately took to Charlie who is my sisters 15 year old son.

Charlie has cystic fibrosis, and the bond between Charlie and Bruce was instant. Bruce does not leave Charlie’s side, sits under his legs, sits outside the bathroom for him. They are inseparable. Bruce is such a beautiful little chap, also this is a story that was meant to be, Bruce has been such good therapy for Charlie. They have been so good for each other. Charlie focuses on Bruce all the time and not some much dwelling on his illness. They are both such brave little solders.

Bruce growls at woman, as the owner was a woman who shouted at him and goodness knows what else! He used to wee in his crate a soon as my sister went into the kitchen in the morning. She would bend down and talk to him he would be growling and wet because of fear. He is getting loads better now in his lovely gentle forever home. Bruce is on YuMOVE Young & Active, YuCALM and YuDERM Itching Dog.

Bruce with his toy

(Bruce playing 'big spoon')

Thank you Bruce, Amanda xx

Why not share your own?
If you feel inspired by the above and want to write a letter of love/appreciation to your own four-legged best pal, be sure to share them with us on Facebook and Instagram.


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