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Our Favourite YuMOVE Dogs This Month

Our Favourite YuMOVE Dogs This Month

You are always sharing your stories, experiences and fantastic photos of your pets and our products. With that in mind, we wanted to share our favourites of your photos from July!

The dynamic dog duo on the look-out


A pup puzzled by the arrival of his YuMOVE and by the fact that he's considered a senior these days...


Henry's keen as mustard to keep his joints in tip top condition before he reaches adulthood


Rocky the sheep showing some great YuMOVE progress, next stop epic movie montage


These two are relaxing, after making hay whilst the sun shines


The YuMOVE One-a-Days might be chewy Barney but we're not convinced the tub is!


Tongues out for the top of mountain/hill. Impressive Harvey!

Harvey the spaniel up a mountain


Unusually, Bronwyn isn't doing her favourite activity here, chasing anything fur or feather

Bronwyn the dog

Romeo the rapid greyhound (believe it or not) chilling in his favourite place!

Romeo the greyhound


Lexi Lou expertly working the camera here but in rather nonchalant fashion

Lexi Lou the lab

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