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YuMOVE Dogs of February

After a frrrreeezing February, we’re back to warm your cockles with our Dogs of the Month round-up. Remember, if you want your pooch to steal the limelight next month, don’t forget to tag us in your snaps, videos and stories!

This chocolate-hued pooch has been loving the snowy weather


Just some Border Collie cuteness to brighten your day!


Now that’s one beautifully windswept Golden Doodle!


This lovely Dogue de Bordeaux’s excited to try YuMOVE for the first time!


A gorgeous sunset and a gorgeous pooch indeed…


We can’t wait to hear how this silver fox gets on with his YuMOVE PLUS+!


Jessica kindly snapped her ‘mountain goat’ for us on a recent woodland walk…


It sounds like Belle enjoyed her first taste of YuMOVE…


Another YuMOVE pooch receives their special delivery…


Could this be the world’s first Border Collie music band?! Westlife eat your heart out.


Is your pooch ready to shine in the YuMOVE spotlight? Tag us in your snaps on Facebook and Instagram. And don’t forget to add #YuMOVE to your posts and stories!

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