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YuMOVE Dogs of May

YuMOVE Dogs of May

As restrictions began to ease earlier this month, we were so excited for sunny family barbecues and countryside walkies with our friends and pups. Instead, we’ve been soaked and shivering, courtesy of one very wet, miserable May! We’ve got just the remedy for you, though. May’s Dogs of the Month round-up is sure to get you in a pawsome mood!

Fancy yourself as a bit of a pup-arazzi? Get those tails wagging and those cameras flashing and tag us in your next post for the chance to give your pup a taste of the spotlight.

Monty’s mesmerised by his tasty new YuMOVE treats…


This lovely Labrador is desperate to get a bite of her new YuMOVE!


No, I’m not hiding anything! There’s definitely no YuMOVE here…


You’re right, the view is much better up here!


Find someone who looks at you the way this pup looks at YuMOVE...


Remi is one stone-cold Fox (Red Labrador)!  


Look how floofy! We’re not crying, you're crying!


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