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Lilly and Lulu’s YuMOVE story

Warning: This post contains a story about the loss of a pet and may be triggering. Take a look at our article on loss to understand how to cope with the death of a dog.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look into the lives of Lilly and Lulu and their owner Elaine, and how YuMOVE helped in Lilly’s last days. Read on to hear their story…

About Lilly and Lulu

“Lilly, being a Working Cocker, loved water and would go in it at any opportunity. Lulu – a Whippet – is slightly more delicate about water but could never resist joining her friend.” – Elaine, Lilly and Lulu’s dog mum

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How YuMOVE helped Lilly

“You should feel rewarded as a company for the extended quality of life that YuMOVE PLUS for Dogs enabled Lilly to have. We’re so grateful for that in itself. It was very kind of you to have refunded me for the unused joint supplements that I am so sad to not still be giving.”

Lilly and Lulu’s final days together

“Their last few days together were very sad. Our poor Whippet, Lulu, spent her time repeatedly checking in on Lilly – curious as to why she was staying in her bed and not following her into the garden or into the lounge in the evening like she normally would. Little by little she came to accept that her best friend was not the same, and wasn’t going to return to be the Lilly she had shared her two years of life with.”

“On Lilly’s final day, Lulu was much quieter than usual, and it was heartbreaking. The loss of a dog who has been in our lives for 12 years (and one month), and over half of our daughter’s life, leaves a massive void. We’re so grateful to still have Lulu in our lives, and for the memories we have of the two of them together and the times they shared as best friends. As well as for Lilly’s role in helping Lulu become the dog she is today.”

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“I was a nurse and midwife for 37 years and often had to deal with human loss. That’s why I feel it’s important for animals to understand loss – as much as they can possibly comprehend.”

What we’ll miss the most

“We are so, so grateful that Lilly saw Christmas because she just loved ripping open presents! She was never really interested in what was inside, and just wanted to rip open the next gift. She opened all of my daughter’s Christmas presents with her, so next year will be really tough for us.”

We’re here for you

It’s almost impossible to put the pain of losing a pet into words. We want to thank Elaine for sharing her story and allowing us to share it with you. The bond between Lilly and Lulu, and between Lilly and her family, is a bond that can never be matched. We’re glad we were able to do our part in keeping Lilly as active and happy for as long as possible.

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