Do puppies need joint supplements?

Just like adult and senior dogs, it’s important to consider a joint supplement for your young dog or puppy. By introducing joint supplements into your pet’s health regime early on in their life, you can relax knowing you’re proactively supporting their joint health as they grow.

At what age should I give my dog joint supplements?

Dogs can start taking a suitable joint supplement as soon as they’re able to eat solid food – typically around eight weeks old. Starting early is a great idea because supplements can help support your pup's growing joints and stand them in good stead for the future.

How can I support my puppy's joints?

Although it can be tempting to play with your new puppy for hours on end, it’s important not to overdo it. Sticking to a suitable diet and exercise regime is a great way to support your pup’s growing joints, and your vet will be able to advise you on what’s best for them. Additionally, a supplement that includes high quality Green Lipped Mussel, Glucosamine and Manganese, such as YuMOVE Joint Care for Young Dogs, is a great choice because, together, these ingredients help to support healthy joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

How many supplements does my puppy need?

The best advice here is to follow the feeding guidelines on the pack because the number of tablets will depend on your dog’s size. If your dog is new to YuMOVE Joint Care, you should also double up the daily recommended amount for the first 4 – 6 weeks, as this helps the active ingredients in our supplements get to work more quickly. When you first
subscribe to YuMOVE you’ll be sent a FREE Daily Double pack to cover this important period.


Young Dog Joint Supplements

Taking care of your puppy or young dog's joints is important during their early years. These lively pups are constantly growing and are always on the move. They love to zip around, and this activity gradually helps them build strong muscles and bones, which can lead to a healthy, fun-filled life. Support the growth and development of your dog with our range of scientifically backed supplements. Made from great-tasting ingredients, YuMOVE Joint Care for Young Dogs is specially formulated to support active and growing joints and is packed with quality ingredients, including our unique and sustainably sourced ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel, plant-based Glucosamine, Manganese and more. Learn more about puppies and supplements.