Jenny Campbell

Meet: YuMOVE Dog Showing Ambassador Jenny Campbell

We’re delighted to introduce Kennel Club Assured Breeder and Flatcoated Retriever judge, Jenny Campbell, as our latest YuMOVE Ambassador.

You may recognise Jenny as a former Dragon on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, but Jenny is also an avid dog lover. She breeds and shows Flatcoated Retrievers at championship level. Tara, one of Jenny’s prize-winning dogs, has two Reserve Challenge Certificates from the Kennel Club and gained her stud book number in 2018 – meaning she’s qualified for Crufts for life.

In 2020 she became a director of the UK Kennel Club, founded in 1873. It’s the oldest recognised kennel club in the world and its mission is to oversee various canine activities – such as dog shows, dog agility and working trials.

Why Jenny chose to be a YuMOVE Ambassador

I always believe in recommendations. I was recommended YuMOVE over 10 years ago, used it, and had discernible results. That gave me confidence in the brand and, since then, I've moved on to use all the products. It’s a brand I trust and respect.”

Why is it important to support your dog's joints in general?

“As a puppy is growing and its joints are growing, I think if you can give them a helping hand both physically, as well as feeding them things that will help them – like YuCARE MultiVits and YuMOVE joint supplements – then why wouldn't you do that with clinically proven products?

When did you first get into dog showing, breeding and judging?

“It's always been part of my life. As a child, we owned Skye Terriers, and I started showing my own dogs, cocker spaniels the, when I was about 16. I started showing at 16, bred my first litter at 17 and began judging in 2010.”

How would you describe the dog showing community as a whole?

“Every breed has a different community. Overall, the show community is very supportive. People are there to compete, but also for friendship and fun.”

What advice would you give to anyone who’s interested in entering the dog showing world?

“Find someone in your breed who you could get to coach and mentor you. And definitely get yourself along to a local ring craft training club. You could also look at the Kennel Club website, there’s plenty of advice there, in particular the section “New to dog showing?”. Find a show local to you and go along to watch and learn from others.”

At YuMOVE, we understand how important your show dog’s skin and coat are. And we’re here to help every dog, not just champions. When we first started YuMOVE, we weren’t the top dog by any means. We know first-hand what it’s like to be an underdog that needs a little extra bit of support. That’s what we aim to do with YuMEGA Show Dog. It’s packed with a unique blend of nutrients and oils to give your dog the perfect show coat. Let’s take a closer look at our incredible ingredients:

  • Golden Flaxseed oil provides a concentrated source of Omega-3 oils to feed the hair follicles and reinforce the natural characteristic of your dog’s coat – if it’s naturally glossy, it will appear glossier, and if it’s naturally tough, it will feel stronger.
  • Borage oil contains Gamma-linolenic Acid (GLA) – an Omega-6 oil that stimulates coat growth.
  • Lecithin supports their coat condition – it works like a conditioner to smooth their coat and keep it looking at its best. 
  • Lutein helps support eye health. It contains key nutrients to keep that sparkle in your show dog’s eyes. 

Wondering which YuMOVE product will work best for your dog? Get in touch with our friendly Customer Care Team via phone or email. They love nothing more than talking everything dog!