Support Sling for Dogs

Support Sling for Dogs

Choose the harness that best suits your dog’s size
Small Harness Abdomen: 45-55cm Chest: 45-55cm Sling: 15cm
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  • Dog support sling. Assist your dog to stand and walk
  • Simple dog lift sling to help get pets back on their feet
  • Sling features height-adjustable handles to support lifting
  • Made of 50/50 washable denim and soft fleece lining
Support Sling for Dogs
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Support Sling for Dogs Sizing Chart

Harness size
Sling Width
45cm - 55cm
45cm - 55cm
55cm - 65cm
55cm - 55cm
70cm - 90cm
70cm - 90cm
Product details
Support Sling for Dogs
The Support Sling allows you to give your pet physical support when they need it. It's easier than using a towel and more comfortable for your dog! Gently help your pet upstairs, into a car or outside for a toilet break.
Fitting instructions
Step 1

Secure fleece-lined sling around your pet’s midsection. Velcro® over back.

Step 2

To prevent the sling from sliding, attach the collar strap to the first D-ring.

Step 3

Loop collar strap under pet’s collar. Then attach the collar strap to the second D-ring.

Step 4

Adjust Support Sling straps to the desired length. Never suspend a dog in the air with Support Sling.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can my dog go to the bathroom while using the Support Sling?

Yes! The Support Sling is designed to help you safely support your dog and help them get outside to relieve themselves.

Can the Support Sling be safely used after surgery?

We would always recommend seeking advice from your vet to ensure this the Support Sling is the right product for your pet's rehabilitation.

Can I lift my dog with the Support Sling?

The Support Sling is designed to help you to stabilise and gently support your dog. It’s not intended to suspend a dog in the air – this handy dog support sling helps you gently aid your dog but is not intended to lift them completely off the ground.

My dog falls between sizes, how do I choose the right size?

If your dog’s abdomen and chest measurements are different, we recommend going with the larger of the two measurements to accommodate their girth. The sling width should fit comfortably between a dog’s front and back legs with enough room for the sling to sit flat.

Need help? Call us on 01462 416 866 or email and our Customer Care team will be happy to help.

Are the Support Sling handles adjustable?

Yes, the handles on the Support Sling adjust to allow you to find the perfect height for your comfort. This easy-to-use mobility aid allows you to support your pet without lifting its entire weight or straining your back.

How do I care for the Support Sling?

The Support Sling is machine washable, lay flat to air dry.

Can the Support Sling be left on all day?

Each Support Sling is lined with super soft fleece to make it ultra-comfortable for your dog to wear. It’s designed to be worn when your dog is being assisted. When your dog is ready to rest, the sling should always be removed.

Can the Support Sling be used to get my dog in or out of the car?

The Support Sling may be used to help your pet in and out of a vehicle however it’s not designed to pick them up completely.

I have another question is there someone I can talk to?

Of course. Our friendly Customer Care Team will be only too happy to help you. Call them on 01462 416 866 or