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YuMOVE Dogs of January – 2022 edition
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5 of the best senior dog toys

Just because your dog is getting older, it doesn’t mean playtime is over. If your canine companion enjoyed playing fetch as a pup, chances are, they’ll still enjoy it now. You just have to be careful not to overdo it. And, while it’s true that older dogs don’t need as much exercise as a youngster does, it’s important to keep your dog active no matter the age, to keep them healthy for longer.

In this post, we’ve picked out five of our favourite toys for older dogs. Let’s take a closer look…

1. Interactive Dog Chew Toy, Banpa

Banpa Interactive Dog Chew Toy

The snail-shaped plush dog toy is sturdy enough for chewing, and makes the ideal cuddle-buddy. Plus, you can stuff tasty treats into its multiple pockets – which encourages natural sniffing and foraging behaviour. The best part? It’s machine washable!

2. Patch Cow Dog Toy, Pets at Home

Pets at Home Patch Cow Dog Toy

As your canine gets older, you might notice that they’re snoozing a lot more than they used to. It’s a completely natural part of the ageing process – some senior canines even clock up 12 to 14 hours of shut-eye a in a 24-hour period. This is why you should make sure they’ve got a favourite nap partner to snuggle up to. This super-cute character also comes with a squeaker.

3. Chuckit! Whistler Balls, Amazon

Chick it ball whistler

Just like us, dogs sometimes suffer from sight and hearing loss as they grow older, which can be disorientating and put them off playing. This two-in-one rubber ball pack features eye-popping colours to aid visibility. Plus, the balls have the added bonus of whistles which sound as they travel.

4. Kong® Senior, Kong

Kong Senior Dog Toy

Another chewy favourite, this berry-hued toy from Kong has been designed specifically for older teeth and gums. It bounces, so it can double up for gentle games of fetch. Plus, in the summer months, you can pop it in the freezer and use it as a cooling aid.

5. Nina Ottoson Dog Smart, Battersea

Nina Ottoson Dog Smart Feeder Puzzle,

Mental stimulation is vital for an older dog, and this fun puzzle encourages your dog to problem-solve to find the treats. Arrange the bones so they’re flat and let your canine unleash their natural hunting instincts with this brain-busting challenge.

Here at YuMOVE, it’s our mission to keep your canine energetic and mobile for as long as possible. Shop the full YuMOVE dog range here, and don’t forget to share your pet’s playful snaps with us on Instagram and Facebook!

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