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Dog walks in cold weather: recovery tips

Nothing can stop us from enjoying the Great Outdoors with our canines - even the cold weather. Come rain or snow, we’re out there pounding the streets with them! It’s true that we need to take extra care of our pooches in colder conditions, though. This post is dedicated to the must-dos when you get home from a winter walk…

Wipe them down

It’s important to properly clean your dog’s paws, legs and belly after a wintery walk. Not just to protect sofas and carpets from dirt, but to keep skin irritation from dampness, mud or treated pavements (e.g. rock salt) at bay. Take a towel with you so you can dry them intermittently, as well.

Owner drying beagle's paws

Get their winter gear off quickly

Many dogs don’t need to wrap up for a walk – they’ve naturally got a big fur coat that keeps them snug. That said, some dogs – for instance, small dogs – don’t retain heat as well, and can benefit from a cosy jacket to keep warm on cold days. Just make sure you take any outerwear off as soon as you come inside, as they can easily overheat. Velcro dog jackets speed this process up!

Give them a good check-over

In addition to cleaning your pooch, give them a careful onceover to identify any areas of concern. For example, the cold can cause paws to get dry, cracked and sore, and you should apply moisturiser when you get home if this is the case (coconut oil works a charm). Skin with a pale blue/white colour could be a sign of frostbite. If you spot any danger areas, hold a warm towel against the affected zone and speak to your vet.

Let your dog warm up

Once they’re wiped down and undressed, you should let your canine warm up in a cosy, comfortable environment. Lay a soft blanket down for them to snuggle up on, and keep their water bowl close by in case they need a drink.

Small terrier dog lies wrapped in a blue blanket

Give your furry friend a trim

It’s a common misconception that our canines should be left au natural over the winter months, in a bid to keep them warm. But don’t neglect the fur between the toes, where ice and snowballs can gather. It’s also a good idea to clip toenails, to aid traction on slippery surfaces.

What routine do you and your pooch follow after a wintery walk? Tag us in your photos and stories on Facebook and Instagram.

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