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Four Pawsome Ways To Say #ThankYouDogs

As we approach the final hurdle to 2020, we wanted to encourage the UK’s animal lovers to say “thanks” to their beloved dogs for their unwavering love and support they’ve given us during the last twelve months, which is why we recently launched #ThankYouDogs and announced that we would proudly support StreetVet this year and throughout 2021.

During the Season of Goodwill, we’re on a mission to foster some pawsitivity from our community by encouraging people to share a short, shaggy or long tail (tale) of canine companionship on social media using #ThankYouDogs. For every comment and post, we’re committed to giving StreetVet £1.

Below are four pawsome suggestions that would show your furry friend just how much they mean to you. Why don’t you give them a try and remember to join in the conversation across social media using #ThankYouDogs. Every post will make a big difference.

Go on a special walk

Last month, our brilliant brand ambassador Peter Purves shared his favourite winter walk destinations for his beloved wire-haired dachshunds and Pekinese dogs. Taking your dog on a special walk is a wonderful way to say thank you. Dogs are stimulated by different environments, so take them somewhere new and go for your own winter walk.

Keep them safe

We recently published a guide that identified different doggy personalities and traits. It is very important to keep your behaviour and actions consistent with your dog at Christmas - you know your dog better than anyone. For example, if your dog is a Greedy Guts who will snaffle any seasonal snack within a whisker then be mindful of leaving anything within its reach and tell your guests not to feed him.

Bake them something delicious

After the year we’ve had, we all deserve a treat. What better way to “thank” your dog by creating your very own canine cuisine in the form of a delicious biscuit. Here is a recipe from our friends at the RSPCA for peanut and banana cookies. Yum!

A special toy

Presents! Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them. This year, we’ve pulled together a round-up of brilliant gifts that your dog will go barking for. These gifts are fun for you and your dog; from problem-solving puzzles to a stylish or, more appropriately, fetching fluorescent collar.

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