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How to be more like your cat

Sunday 8th August is International Cat Day, an event founded by the International Fund for Animal Welfare back in 2002. It’s a day to celebrate all things feline, and in a bid to show our support, we’re schooling you on how to ‘be more cat’ for a happier, less stressful outlook on life…

Prioritize those zzz’s

On average, cats sleep for 15 hours in a 24-hour period. And it’s not unusual for a feline to snooze for up to 20! We all know how important a good night’s sleep is for our mental health. But did you know we can also reap the benefits from an afternoon cat-nap? Studies have shown that a short daily slumber can actually boost cognitive function. You can read more about the sleeping patterns of cats here.

Put yourself first

We’re living in a hectic world, and we’re constantly urged to focus on our wellbeing and self-care habits to combat this. But how many of us really take the time to do so? This couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to our moggies, and we should follow suit. Naturally independent, self-sufficient animals, they tend to spend their days doing what they want, when they want, with little regard for those around them. That is, unless the mood strikes and they fancy a cuddle. We’re not saying be utterly selfish, but now and again, take time to do something unapologetically just for you…

Strut your stuff

There’s something almost majestic about our kitties, isn’t there? The way they can just slink into a room and command attention? The next time you’re due to attend an important event that you’re nervous about – maybe a big meeting or party – try and copycat. Take a deep breath, stand tall, put your shoulders back, smile and – me-ow! In you go. Having a long pampering session before you head out will help, too – our felines are also known for their meticulous grooming prowess.

Lastly, embrace life’s simple pleasures

The grainy texture of a cardboard box, an afternoon snooze on a sunny windowsill, oily tuna flakes fresh from the can – it’s the little things in life for our felines. And we’d do well to take a leaf out of their book and appreciate the smaller stuff that makes us smile. Everyday – either when you wake up or before you go to sleep – jot down five things that made you happy that day. You’ll be surprised just how much it boosts your mood!

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