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Is my cat going deaf?
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Is your senior dog going deaf?

Dogs age in many of the same ways that humans do. Common conditions that are part and parcel of growing older include joint stiffness, a lack of energy and deteriorating vision. In this post, we’re looking at hearing loss in dogs. What are the signs and how can you test to make sure it’s dog deafness? Here’s what you need to know…

Signs of hearing loss in dogs

1. Unresponsiveness

Has your dog stopped responding to his or her name or ignoring simple commands? Is he or she no longer running to the door when there’s a knock, or bounding in for food when it’s being tipped into a bowl? Then there might be an issue.

2. More sleep

Loss of hearing can be overwhelming and draining for a dog, and sleeping is a common response. Your pooch may also sleep through audio cues that they’d usually wake for, such as the dishwasher being loaded.

Labrador laying on bed

3. Loud barking

A slightly more subtle sign to be aware of, but an important one nonetheless. If your canine’s bark seems to have gone up by several decibels, it may be because they can’t hear themselves.

4. Jumpiness

A canine experiencing hearing issues is likely to startle easily. If your dog jumps at your touch, or seems startled when you walk past, then it may well be that he or she hasn’t heard you enter the room.

5. Behaviour changes

A dog experiencing hearing loss is likely to be feeling confused, out-of-sorts and even frightened. Naturally, this can contribute to changes in behaviour, and displays of aggression are not uncommon. Patience and understanding is key, and you could consider a supplement that aids stress and anxiety.

Dog ears from behind

How to test for dog hearing loss

Enter the room quietly – so your dog doesn’t notice you – and clap your hands together or whistle (you should be at a distance and behind your pooch). If he or she doesn’t respond, it’s time to call the vet.

Remember, just like humans, senior dogs can live a full and happy life even with loss of hearing. Your vet will be able to advise you on the right treatment and any home adjustments needed.

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