5 steps to taking care of your elderly cat
5 steps to taking care of your elderly cat
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Joint care for dogs: Can you spot the signs of stiffness?

Are you worried that your dog isn’t quite as bouncy as they used to be? It may be that they need specialist joint supplements for dogs to help make life easier.

As our dogs get older, we notice them slow down. It might take longer to do the usual walkies or become harder to get them to jump in the car. They might show signs of stiffness at the start and the end of the day. These are all signs that those hard-working joints are starting to feel their age. There’s plenty you can do to support them though, once you’ve spotted that your dog might be stiff.

Is your dog sleeping more?

Dogs certainly have their dozy times – especially after a long walk or a race around the park with friends. But if you’ve noticed your dog is much sleepier than usual, it could be a sign that their joints are stiff.

  • Older dogs sleep more – this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who nods off in front of the telly. The older we get, the more we sleep, and your dog is the same. Whilst it’s usual for senior dogs to rest, oversleeping can be a sign that your dog is retreating into himself because he is stiff.
  • A comfortable bed is important – a specialist bed will help to protect and support their joints, giving them a more comfortable rest, so choosing an orthopaedic bed will help.
  • Joint aids soothe stiffness – for dogs with stiffness, joint supplements can help to soothe joints and support mobility. YuMOVE Joint Care for Dogs is designed to do just that, helping them to feel happier.

Are your dog walks taking a bit longer?

Without looking like they’re stiff, your dog could be gradually slowing down on your daily walkies. You might notice that it’s taking longer than usual to do your standard walk, or that you have to stop and wait more often while he catches up. This could be a sign that it’s becoming difficult for him to walk quickly.

  • Take flatter walks – choosing a flat walk will help them to move more easily. Consider a few short walks rather than one long one too.
  • Walk, don’t run – if you’re used to cycling or running with your dog panting behind you, now might be the time to change your routine. Don’t make them do something they’re not comfortable with or fit enough for.
  • Look into dog supplements – with ingredients such as green lipped mussel, glucosamine and manganese, joint supplements like YuMOVE Joint Care for Dogs are specially formulated and tested to support healthy joints and promote mobility.

Is your dog finding it difficult to get up after resting?

Your dog wants to be wherever you are. So when you get up and move, your dog is always ready to follow. But stiff, aging joints can make that a difficult thing to do. If you’ve noticed that your dog needs a couple of attempts to get off the floor, or is standing up more slowly, a specialist joint aid for dogs can help support them.

Top tip: Check with your vet. There can be many reasons why your dog is finding it hard to stand. It may be joint stiffness, or there may be another reason. Your vet can do a thorough check and provide helpful advice and recommendations. It’s worthwhile looking at natural joint supplements for dogs. YuMOVE Joint Care for Dogs, for example, uses active ingredients to deliver natural joint care and support to your dog.

Is your pooch a bit less bouncy or playful?

All your dog’s activities put pressure on his joints, so if they are stiff, they’re going to be less inclined to chase balls, fetch sticks or jump for treats. Whilst your dog might have been super-active in the past, as the years catch up with them, it’s likely to be more difficult to manage everyday play and they may become withdrawn or refuse to meet your eye when you’re trying to play.

  • Find new ways to play – instead of highly active play, look for something gentle you can do with your dog that still stimulates him.
  • Soothe those joints – joint supplements for dogs with stiff joints are a good way to help your favourite canine as they get older. YuMOVE Joint Care for Dogs uses a well-loved formula that helps to soothe and supports joint health.
  • Give him plenty of praise – dogs are stimulated by touch and voice as well as play, so take the time to interact with him in the home or on your walk rather than making him run or jump.

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