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Dexter’s YuMOVE journey
Toby & Ernie’s YuMOVE journey

Toby & Ernie’s YuMOVE journey

Welcome to a new series we’re calling YuMOVE Journeys! In this series of dog stories, we’ll be taking a closer look into the lives of your canines. This month we’re focusing on three dog owners and their furry best friends – so expect lots of adorable puppy pictures. Toby and Ernie are the heroes of this piece, so read on to hear their story…

About us

“I’ve owned many dogs over the years and loved them all dearly, however the bond that these two have for each other makes it all the more special. They truly are the sweetest dogs. Both my husband and I treat them like the human children we don’t have. They play a massive part in our life and where we go, they go too.” – Sharon, Ernie and Toby’s owner

  • What breed are we? Black Labrador (Toby) and Golden Labrador (Ernie)
  • How old are we? 8 years (Toby) and 6 years (Ernie)
  • What products do we take? YuMOVE Joint Care for Dogs and Salmon Oil
  • How long have we been on YuMOVE? Around 5 years
  • Who’s our pet parent? Sharon Clough 
  • How would she describe us? Faithful, spoilt (in a good way) and beautiful
  • What’s our favourite thing to do? Sit and people watch with our mummy, Sharon. We love getting attention from passers-by!            

Toby’s story

Toby came pounding into the Clough household at only 4 months old in May 2013. A friend of the family was struggling to care for him properly as she had a young family to look after, but Sharon was on hand to take him in. In her own words, Toby is the “sweetest, most well-mannered dog I have ever owned. His energy and enthusiasm for life knows no bounds, every day is a joy.” 

Ernie’s story

In April 2016, Ernie came bursting onto the scene at roughly 14 months old. Previously, he was training to be a sniffer dog with the Northumbria Police Dog Section. Sadly, he failed his training due to joint stiffness.

Their YuMOVE journey

After learning that Ernie was experiencing joint stiffness, she was introduced to YuMOVE, and she hasn’t looked back since. Both dogs receive their daily Joint Care, which gives them the boost they need to stay active!

Toby and Ernie’s favourite thing about YuMOVE

YuMOVE Joint Care enables Ernie to keep moving comfortably. In fact, he’s still able to climb mountains and feels better than his pet parents! Plus, it allows him and his brother to play away all day long without tiring out (too much!)

Sharon’s favourite thing about YuMOVE

Every decision she makes involves her dogs. If dogs aren’t allowed, then she simply won’t go! YuMOVE allows Sharon’s beloved dogs to be with her as much as possible. Despite Ernie’s previous vet saying that he wouldn’t see double figures… Sharon’s not so sure. In her own words, “Let’s just see about that one, vet man!”

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