Cat Supplements


We have a varied range of cat health supplements to help your cat feel healthier and happier. Perhaps you’re seeking a cat supplement to soothe stiff joints? Do you need a supplement for moulting fur? Or, are you seeking a supplement for an anxious cat, to help them feel calmer?

Put your cat's health first with 30% off the RRP of all YuMOVE cat supplements and health products with our no commitment subscriptions and take advantage of our 60 day money back guarantee.

Our full range of cat health care products and supplements have been meticulously formulated over the last 15 years with natural ingredients to help target a wide range of health areas relating to joint care and mobility, skin & hair and nervous disposition to ensure your cat is happy and healthy. We work with organisations like the Royal Veterinary College to prove the efficacy of our products showing visible results in just six weeks**