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What Age Should You Give Your Dog Joint Supplements?


It’s a common misconception that dog joint supplements are solely for stiffer, older canines. The fact is, our pooches have different health needs at each of their different life stages, and it’s up to us to keep on top of these.

So at what age should you give your dog joint supplements? In this article, we’ll explore the different life stages of dogs, and why joint supplements could be helpful at each stage. Let’s get started…

Life stage number one: Puppy

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Few things in life are as heart-warming as bringing a new puppy home. In those early days, especially, you’ll be firmly in the can’t-get-enough-of-your-new-fur-baby stage. And it’s completely understandable. This is the part where cuddles are non-stop, playtime is never-ending, and every first is very exciting.

Yes, it’s a time to really cherish. But it’s also important that you stay mindful of your pup’s wellbeing here. Too much exercise, excitement and rough play, for instance, can really take its toll on his or her health in these early stages. Keep up to date with any to-dos from the vet – for example, upcoming vaccines and nutritional advice. Try to limit too many new faces. And be sure to research your chosen breed – particularly around how you can help your new pup to grow strong and healthy!

Why joint supplements are a good idea for your dog NOW

As we mentioned above, joint supplements aren’t just reserved for ageing dogs – contrary to popular belief. Being proactive and taking steps to optimise the health of your puppy as it grows can only ever be a good thing! It also means they’ll be less likely to develop problems with stiffness and mobility as they grow older. Just be sure to look for a product designed especially for growing bones, as opposed to an older dog joint supplement.

Life stage number two: Adolescent dog

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A teenage dog may be an unfamiliar concept, but, believe it or not, once your butter-wouldn’t-melt pup reaches the six to eight-month mark (it differs depending on breed), you’ll be dealing with a canine adolescent! And in the same way that a child doesn’t smoothly transition into a sensible adult overnight, there may be some hormonal and behavioural changes to tackle – AKA bumps in the road. As your dog becomes more independent, he or she may be less responsive, less obedient, and much more likely to engage in naughty or boisterous behaviour.

Are joint supplements a good idea NOW?

Don’t forget, your dog is still growing right now! While it may be tempting to step up the exercise regime to burn off all that extra energy, or to throw the ball for the 100th time in 20 minutes, you need to be careful not to overdo things. Too much strain on growing bones, muscles and joints is a real no-no, and a joint supplement at this age can really help with development.

Life stage number three: Adults and seniors

It’ll come as no surprise that, just like us, dogs slow down as they grow older. Their health problems are largely similar to the ones we experience, too, and might include…

  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Dental issues
  • Loss of hearing and vision
  • Digestive problems
  • Behavioural changes
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    Why are they a good idea NOW?

    Sadly, the signs of ageing aren’t always easy to spot. In fact, lots of pooches are very good at hiding them. After all, they can’t come right out and tell us what the problem is!

    If you notice your canine is sleeping more, lagging a little on walks or is struggling to climb the stairs or jump up, now’s a good time to think about introducing joint supplements to their diet. You might be surprised at just how quickly your pooch feels the benefits! Ideally, you need an older dog joint supplement – one that’s especially designer for stiffer golden oldies and clinically proven to soothe the joints and aid mobility.

    So what age should you give your dog supplements? The short answer is at any age! Just bear in mind different breeds and life-stages may require different types of support. Here at YuMOVE, we offer a range of supplements to help with everything from healthy joints to a super-silky coat. 

    Take a look at our range of supplements for all ages of dog, no matter where they are in their life here.

    Want to find out more about keeping your pooch happy and healthy for longer? Contact our friendly Customer Services team. You can get in touch via email, or chat to us on 01462 416866.

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