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Your children’s thoughts on their dogs

Whether they’re talking gibberish, asking deep philosophical questions, or giving their toys life advice… kids will say the craziest (and cutest!) things. This month we took to social media to ask the YuMOVE community to share their children’s thoughts on their dogs. The answers were so cute, we just had to share them with you!

We may have received some unique and bizarre responses... but one thing’s for sure – the unbreakable bond between a child and their dog can never be matched! The responses we received are testament to this unconditional love. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a closer look…

1. How do you know your dog loves you?

“She loves me a big bit because she likes licking me!” – Tommy, age 3 and a half
“He smiles at me and paws me for a cuddle… and he just does!” – anon, age 8
“He kisses me.” – Zak, age 4
“Because he’s always with me!” – Tristan, age 7
“Because she told me.” – Ben, age 5
“He’s always glued to me.” – Cayetana, age 6

child hugging dog

2. Fill in the blank: “I love my dog because…”

“She’s gorgeous and cute.” – Lucy, age 8
“He gives me unconditional love all the time.” – anon, age 8
“She’s smaller than me.” – Isabelle, age 7
“He’s silly!” – Cayetana, age 6
“She kisses me and hugs me, silly billy!” – Sophie, age 3 and a half

girl with two dogs

3. Describe your dog in 3 words

“Scamp, fast, brown.” – Tommy, age 3 and a half
“Funny, cute, fluffy.” – Lucy, age 8
“Licky, fluffy, fast.” – Ben, age 5
“Lovely, pretty and sooo ‘I love you’.” – Betsy, age 3
“Small, fast, hungry.” – Isabelle, age 7

4. Why is your dog your best friend?

“Because she’s talented and gorgeous.” – Lucy, age 8
“Because they’re both my sweetie pies.” – Besty, age 3
“He always wants to play with me.” – Cayetana, age 6
“Mummy said she was.” – Ben, age 5
“Because she lets me pick her up.” – Isabelle, age 7

happy girl outdoors with dog

5. Why is your dog the best?

“Because she can run so fast.” – Tommy, age 3 and a half
“Because… YES.” – Cayetana, age 6
“Because she jumps and hugs me!” – Sophie, age 3 and a half
“She eats my food when I drop it.” – Ollie, age 4
“I like him, he makes me laugh and he's snuggly.” – Tristan, age 7
“Because he is. He had a poo.” – Phoebe, age 3
“She chases my football and we play together all the time.” – Ben, age 5
“Because they are so lovely and cuddly and lovely and soft and love kisses!” – Betsy, age 3

child napping with dog

6. And finally… we asked, ‘Is your dog your best friend?’

We’ve had to include all the responses for this one… you might be able to spot one common answer!

“Yes, I love her to the moon and back.” – Tommy, age 3 and a half
“Yes, he is.” – Tristan, age 7
“Yes.” – Lucy, age 8
“Yes, and daddy is my best friend, too.” – Sophie, age 3 and a half
“Yep.” – anon, age 8
“Yes… and mommy!” – Zak, age 4
“Yes.” – Cayetana, age 6
“Yes.” – Betsy, age 3
“Yes.” – Phoebe, age 3
“Yes.” – Ollie, age 4
“Yes.” – Ben, age 5
“Yeah.” – Isabelle, age 7

As you can see, dogs really are man’s (and child’s) best friend. Looking for more fun dog blogs? Check out our guide on 8 ways to be more like your dog or discover if you have a doggy doppelganger here.

Is your dog your child’s best friend? We’d love to see their adorable bond in action – tag us in your photos and stories on Facebook and Instagram!

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