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5 reasons why a cheaper supplement could end up costing you more

With the cost of living rising, and all of us having to be extra mindful of where we spend our money, it’s only natural to look for cost-cutting opportunities.

Maybe for you that means switching to a different brand of detergent, carpooling to save fuel, or even shopping around for a cheaper joint supplement for your pet.

Unfortunately, not all cost-cutting measures are worth it.

Here are five reasons why opting for a cheaper pet supplement could end up costing you more over time.

1. Ingredients lists alone can be misleading, some formulations can be far more potent than others

There are many supplements out there with ingredients lists that look impressive and that may contain ingredients you’ve heard good things about.

But it’s important to be aware that ingredient lists alone can be misleading. That’s because certain types of some ingredients are a lot more potent than others and, when combined with other ingredients, are more likely to give your pet the support they need.

Let’s take one example: Green Lipped Mussel. It’s a powerful ingredient rich in Omega-3’s and other nutrients that can help support your pet’s mobility.

But did you know that YuMOVE’s ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel, which is sustainably sourced from the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand, provides a range of Omega-3 fatty acids to help soothe stiff joints?

That’s the kind of important detail you might miss when skimming the ingredient lists of cheaper supplements.

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2. Not all supplements have the same degree of scientific backing

The world of supplements – for both pet and human – contains a lot of variety in terms of efficacy, and the scientific backing of different products and ingredients.

The bottom line is that YuMOVE is based on over 15 years of scientific research, with deliberately selected ingredients and a clinically proven formula, with proven results that you can expect from our joint supplements.*

Switching to a different supplement, that may not have the same degree of scientific backing, may seem like it’d save some money in the short term. But you might just end up wasting the money you do spend on a product that doesn’t work the way you want it to.

3. Without adequate support, joint stiffness can become more costly over time (both for you, and your pet)

Pet joint stiffness can be a difficult and upsetting thing to deal with. No one wants to see their beloved pet being less mobile or seeming to lose enthusiasm for walks or games.

Obviously, supporting your pet’s mobility is the whole reason you’re interested in giving them a joint supplement in the first place.

But if you opt to cut costs by giving them a cheaper joint supplement – that may lack the high-quality ingredients and scientific rigor of a supplement like YuMOVE – the difficult truth is that they may not be getting an adequate level of support.

And without adequate support, joint stiffness can become costly over time. Both financially and in terms of your pet’s wellbeing.

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4. Not all companies who sell supplements have the same guarantees

When you’re considering the true costs of something like a joint supplement, it’s a good idea to factor in money back guarantees. After all, with a good guarantee, you can be confident that you’ll either get results, or your money back.

Even if a different supplement is cheaper on paper, the money you spend on it might end up being wasted if there isn’t a guarantee.

With YuMOVE, you’ll see the difference in just 6 weeks, or get your money back, guaranteed.*

Why are we confident enough to offer that guarantee? Because YuMOVE is clinically proven to work in just 6 weeks.*

5. By opting for cheaper supplements, there’s a good chance you’ll spend more shopping around, trying to find something that works

Finding a joint supplement that gives you the results you want for your pet, isn’t a given.

YuMOVE's clinically proven formula delivers results in just 6 weeks,* comes with our money back guarantee, and we’re the UK's no.1 vet-recommended joint supplement brand,too. All these facts can help you to feel confident about the benefits we can offer your pet.

By switching to a different brand, however, you miss out on that level of assurance – and there’s a chance you’ll spend a significant amount of money shopping around and trialling different products, in order to find one that provides results.

How much do you know about joint stiffness in dogs? Take our canine joint care quiz to find out, and give your four-legged friend YuMOVE Joint Care to help them lead their most active life, for life.

 * Read about our claims.

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