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Celebrating Your Dogs - Letters of Love

A month or so ago, members of our YuMOVE team penned (typed) a letter of love to their dog, to celebrate just how much their pooch gives to them on a daily basis. We did this to coincide with the relaunch of our TV ad which also highlights just how much our dogs mean to us. We then asked all of you who follow us on Facebook if you would be willing to share your letters of love to your beloved pet pals. The below are just some of the very touching pieces! If you would like share your letter of love please feel free to post it on our Facebook.

Deb and Leo the Legend

Deb and her dog Leo

Dear Leo, you have helped me through losing my German shepherds...always there to give me a nudge to say its OK mum, I'm here. You love everyone you meet, but you still protect your family despite being 18 years young x You are known as Leo the Legend but you are my little soul mate....thank you for always being there ❤🐾❤

Jan and Fleur the therapy dog

My dear darling Fleur, you were ill used by humans before you came to us, as a starving totally matted and full of milk waif. You are now a Cariad Therapy Dog bringing joy to special needs young people and elderly residents in a care home. That is apart from the joy and love you give to me all day, every day.

Fleur before being rescuedFleur after being rescued

Fleur - the before and after


Hannah and Tizzie, "last but definitely not least"

Tizzie on the sofa

Dear Tizzie, although we visited you beforehand and although you were the only puppy left, you out of the litter scrambled to get out of the litter box to meet us almost as if you knew you would be ours, and then you came to join our family when you were six weeks old. You have been a complete joy ever since, my companion through life's joys and life's troubles. Always there for me with your unconditional love and affection and your endless floating fur! I love you more than words can say and I am sad that you are now a senior dog. Having owned a dog my whole life and you will be my final one, I definitely saved the best till last 🐾🐾💞

Suzie and Joey - the best at supportive cuddles

Dear Joey

You bring so much joy to my life!! You're deliciously bonkers, a huge amount of love and fun, and give the bestest cuddles! When I adopted you, I had no idea that you were born the day after my mom died, and that you also share her birthday.. you were meant to be with me. Here's to all our adventures yet to come. I love you Joey ❤

Suzie and Joey

Catrin and Gimzo the gent

Dear Gizmo,

You had a rough start in life and when you left the rescue centre nearly 14 years ago, little did I know how much you would change my life, you are a gentle old gent now at the grand age of 16 years, you and I have walked though many a rollercoaster of life’s up and downs, and you have always been there with a snuggle but not so keen on your bottom burps 😆 , having lost your sister sandy 2 years ago and your brother Sam a few months later, now over at rainbow bridge,we cherish everyday we have with you.You are truly the best friend ,we love you with all heart, and we thank you for making life a bit brighter on the dark days. Love you Gimmo x

Imelda & Lovely Leon

Lovely Leo

Lovely Leon - thank you for being there for me during heartbreak, loneliness and isolation. My best friend and companion and a wonderful ambassador for your breed. Thank you from all your friends but especially from me x

Why not share your own?

If you feel inspired by the above and want to write a letter of love/appreciation to your own four-legged best pal, be sure to share them with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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