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Joint care for dogs: From playful pups to golden oldies

Joint care for dogs: From playful pups to golden oldies


From the playful days of puppyhood, right through to their golden years, it’s important to always keep an eye on your dog’s joint health and mobility. At YuMOVE, we’re big believers in supporting pets’ joints at every stage of life – because we know that an active pet is a happy pet.

Here are some of our top tips on supporting your dog’s joint health at different ages, with a little help from our YuMOVE Joint Care range.

Joint care for young dogs

Bringing a new puppy or young dog home can be a wonderfully exciting experience for the whole family, and the start of a beautiful new adventure together.

Young dogs tend to be incredibly energetic and full of life. They're eager to explore their surroundings, play, and get to know everyone they meet with boundless enthusiasm.

Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that even though younger dogs tend to be very energetic and inquisitive, their joints are still developing and too much rough play could be problematic.

Safeguarding young dogs’ mobility and joint health has a lot to do with making sure they have the right nutrition to support their growth and recovery. It’s also sensible to not let them over-exert themselves during play and exercise or be too rough on their joints.

YuMOVE Joint Care for Young Dogs helps support your young dog and their growing joints once they’re on solid food. This is thanks to the higher levels of ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) and antioxidants (Vitamins C & E) it contains compared to our YuMOVE Joint Care for Adult Dogs formula.

Joint care for adolescent dogs

Cocker Spaniel carrying a big stick

Just like humans, dogs can have a teenage phase – and, predictably, teenage pups can be a bit of a handful!

Different dog breeds grow at different rates, with the general rule being that the larger the breed, the longer it will take for their bones, muscles, joints, and tendons to develop. So, remember that even if your adolescent dog is physically large, they can still be a growing pup.

Like with younger dogs, adolescents still need adequate support for healthy growth and joint development – and you should keep an eye on them so that they don’t over-exert themselves through their high-energy antics.

For canine adolescents, we’d still recommend YuMOVE Joint Care for Young Dogs to help support their joints and mobility during this extra-high-energy season of life.

Joint care for adult dogs

Young dog in the mist

When dogs reach adulthood, you can generally expect their behaviour to settle and their early training to begin paying off in a more noticeable way.

Adult dogs are often still very playful and outgoing, but they will have finished growing and can have different joint and mobility support needs. We recommend maintaining a regular walking routine for your adult dog, along with frequent play sessions of all sorts.

As with dogs of all ages, adult dogs also benefit from opportunities to socialise regularly – both with you and other humans, and with other dogs.

Importantly, adulthood is usually the time when you might start noticing the first signs of joint stiffness affecting your dog. It’s at this point we recommend giving them YuMOVE Joint Care for Adult Dogs, our original triple-action joint formula, clinically proven to work in just 6 weeks.*

Packed with powerful ingredients including our unique and sustainably sourced ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel, you’ll find that YuMOVE Joint Care for Adult Dogs is our flagship supplement for a reason.

Joint care for older dogs

Older dogs most commonly experience joint stiffness and the challenges that come with it, which is why it’s especially important to take proactive steps to help support their mobility.

Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to make sure your old pal is continuing to lead their most active life. First and foremost, it's vital that you maintain a steady daily exercise routine for your older dog, to keep them healthy, happy and at an ideal weight.

Shorter but more frequent walks, on easier terrain, are generally a good idea for older dogs as this helps keep them active and can reduce the risk of over-exertion. Why not consult your vet? They can provide you with advice tailored to your dog's needs.

You could also consider YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS for Dogs, our high-strength dog joint supplement. It’s packed with 20% more ActivEase® GLM than YuMOVE Joint Care for Adult Dogs to help soothe stiff joints.

YuMove Joint Care Plus Max Strength

Yumove Max Strength

A higher-strength dog joint supplement for older dogs who may need extra support. Now with 50% more power* to soothe stiff joints. This is UK’s no.1 vet-recommended joint supplement brand.

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Max strength joint care (for dogs who could use even more powerful support)*

While joint support can help dogs of all ages and backgrounds to keep leading their most active lives, some dogs are more susceptible to joint stiffness than others.

This includes older dogs and dogs who lead – or have been leading – highly active lives, among others. For canines like these, we would recommend a vet check-up or consultations to make sure your dog is getting enough support.

If it's time to take the next step in your dog's joint care, consider YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS Max Strength, our strongest PLUS formula which delivers 50% more power* for dogs with stiffer joints who may need extra support.

Check out our guides section to find out more on dog ageing, what to expect as your dog progresses through life stages and which YuMOVE Joint Care supplement is right for your dog!

*Read more about our claims.

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