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How to tackle bad breath in dogs
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Getting the most from YuMOVE Dental Care Sticks

If you’ve just started using our Dental Care Sticks, you may already be noticing a difference in the freshness of your dog’s breath and the cleanliness of their mouth. But are you getting maximum results? Read on for some of our top need-to-knows when it comes to getting the most of your dental sticks...

How often should I give a Dental Care Stick?

To get your dog’s mouth sparkling clean and smelling sweet, it’s best to give one of our dental sticks every day for the first month for an intensive clean.

After that, you can drop it down to one every other day to keep your dog’s mouth happy and healthy.

We recommend always supervising your dog and ensuring fresh water is available when they have their dental stick (as you would with any chew).

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When do I give my dog their Dental Care Stick?

Any time of day that suits you and your dog is perfect. It would be a great idea to get into a new habit: giving it at roughly the same time or combining it with another activity (such as enjoying your morning brew) – it helps you be consistent, and your dog can look forward to it too!

Tips for staying on track

We know just how easy it can be to accidentally miss the odd dental stick here or there. But giving them daily in the first month, and every second day after that, is key for the freshest, cleanest mouth possible. Here are some of our favourite tips for staying on track:

• Combine with a daily activity – like your morning coffee
• Or treat your dog to a dental stick while they’re eyeing up your lunch
• Set a reminder on your phone
• Use a treat tin, or keep your Dental Care Sticks in an easy-to-spot place

The other top tip is to take a photo at the start and then some progress photos along the way. This will spur you on to achieve that healthy smile.

A dog licking its lips about to have a dental stick

The right stick for the right dog

Check you’ve got the right dental stick size for your dog. There are three options to suit your dog, whatever their size:

• Small (for dogs up to 15kg)
• Medium (for dogs 16-30kg)
• Large dogs (for dogs over 30kg)

(FYI – our dental sticks are for dogs 6 months and over.)

We also recommend reducing your dog’s usual food intake by around 10% to avoid weight gain when feeding daily YuMOVE Dental Care Sticks – apologies to your dogs, but the tasty, chewy stick every day and a happier mouth should more than make up for it!

A hand holding 3 different sizes of dental sticks


Seeing and smelling the difference

You can expect our Dental Care Sticks to work fast (although perhaps not quite as fast as your dog chasing their favourite tennis ball!).

Although there may not be any visible results in the first few weeks, rest assured our multi-action dental formula is getting to work – first thing you’ll notice within four weeks is that their breath will be a whole lot fresher! And fresher breath means a healthier, cleaner mouth, too

Next, you can expect to start seeing the difference. A cleaner mouth and healthier gums. Now that’s something to smile about (for you and your dog).

As a guide, we’d expect you to both smell and see the difference in your dog’s mouth within 6-8 weeks. This can be longer or shorter depending on your individual dog and where your staring point is in terms of oral health. You can use our ‘How healthy are your dog’s teeth?’ guide to help you.

Like all YuMOVE products, our Dental Care Sticks are covered by our ‘See the Difference in 60 Days’ or your money back guarantee. We’re all about smiles around here.

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Other ways to support your dog’s pearly whites

There’s lots you can do to support your dog’s oral health, on top of their Dental Care Sticks. This includes things like checking your dog’s mouth regularly, regular check-ups at the vet and brushing their teeth.

Just remember, if you’re also brushing your dog’s teeth with toothpaste (always special dog toothpaste please, human toothpaste is super dangerous for dogs), you’ll need to avoid toothpaste that says it has an anti-bacterial effect as these could affect all the bacteria – including the much-needed good bacteria, which our dental sticks are trying to help!

If your dog already has very heavy tartar build-up (tartar is the hard, yellow-brown deposit formed from the mineralisation of plaque already on your dog’s teeth) it’s best to visit your vet who will likely recommend an examination and descale. You can then help keep your dog’s teeth healthy with Dental Care Sticks.

Expert advice you can trust

Got a question? Check out our Dental FAQs page for tons of helpful info, and our friendly Customer Care Team is always happy to help with anything from subscription enquiries to product questions. Simply reach out to us on +44 (0)1462 416866 or at

You’re part of the Dental Revolution!

Think of all the amazing ways YuMOVE has revolutionised dog joint health (did you know we help over 2 million dogs globally each year live their most active life?)… now imagine what we can do for your dog’s dental health in four weeks and beyond.

Over to you! Show us your dog’s smile – and don’t forget to tag us – over on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We love to see your pics!
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