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Getting the most from YuMOVE Dental Care Sticks
Introducing: YuMOVE Dental Care Sticks

Introducing: YuMOVE Dental Care Sticks

We’ve been developing our canine dental sticks for over five years, and they’re now ready to share with the world – and your dog. We’re so excited to introduce our brand-new product to you and fill you in on what sets them apart from the pack. Here we go...

Here’s the low-down on our exciting new launch…

Our multi-action Dental Care Sticks are an innovative monthly dental regime, developed by our very own veterinary scientists to target plaque, freshen breath, and create a barrier along the teeth and gums.

The bad bacteria in your dog’s mouth are the cause of all the pesky plaque and bad breath, but the good bacteria are working hard to create health and harmony in your dog’s mouth. Our new dental sticks are designed to target bad bacteria without affecting the good bacteria – happy, healthy mouth here we come!

Your dog will love our tasty chews – the reviews are in and 9 out of 10 dogs are happy to take our Dental Care Sticks. Dogs love the taste and texture which are like a natural bone, with a crunchy outside and soft centre.

More good news? They’re made with natural ingredients and are gentle on tummies too.

Happy dog with YuMOVE dental stick

What makes our Dental Care Sticks so groundbreaking?

We’re proud of our new launch and rightly so. Unlike other products on the market, our Dental Care Sticks contains unique scientifically proven ActivBarrier™ technology, which targets existing bad breath and plaque but also tackles the root cause – the balance of bacteria in your dog's mouth.

What’s more, ActivBarrier™ helps to reduce the formation of new plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth

Some dental products either have an abrasive scraping action only, rather than targeting the root cause of plaque and bad breath (spoiler alert: it’s the bad bacteria).

Our dental stick is a flexible spiral shape – you don’t see that every day! It’s designed to maximise contact with the tooth surface, effectively cleaning away existing plaque from the surface of the teeth.

An image of the spiral dental stick with soft centre

When it comes down to a choice between other dental “treats” or investing in our groundbreaking dental approach our scientific expertise ensures that this monthly regime supports your dog's overall oral health. 

Plus, our dental sticks are made from natural ingredients, and sadly the same can’t be said for a lot of other dental sticks out there – ours are kind to tummies with ingredients you’ll recognise, such as rice and oats.

Most importantly, how will they help your dog’s oral health?

  • They support overall oral health
    Proven to target bad bacteria while supporting the naturally good bacteria, our unique ActivBarrier™ supports the mouth’s natural defences, helping maintain healthy teeth and gums.

  • They target plaque
    The flexible spiral shape effectively cleans away existing plaque from the surface of the teeth, while the ActivBarrier™ helps to reduce the formation of new plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth.

  • They freshen breath
    As your dog chews, the ActivBarrier™ soft centre is released, targeting the bad bacteria that causes bad breath. A cleaner mouth means fresher breath.

The fast-acting formula means you can expect to notice a difference in your dog’s mouth in just 4 weeks – canine cuddles will be (and smell) a whole lot sweeter!

An image of a happy dog

And finally, the small (paw) print…

For the first month, feed one Dental Care Stick every day for an intensive clean and jump start your dog’s new dental routine. Then continue with one stick every other day to maintain a healthy mouth.

YuMOVE Dental Care Sticks are suitable for dogs over six months old and come in three sizes depending on the size of your dog:

  • Small (for dogs up to 15kg)
  • Medium (for dogs 16-30kg)
  • Large dogs (for dogs over 30kg)

We recommend always supervising your dog and ensuring fresh water is available when they have their dental stick (same with any chew).

Finally, it’s best to reduce your dog’s usual food intake by around 10%, when giving every day, to avoid weight gain (we promise them it’ll be worth it!).

Image of dental sticks boxes, three different sizes

Ready to try our Dental Care Sticks?

We'll never stop striving for dogs to be as happy and healthy as they can be. Trial now with our 6 week money back guarantee.

Got any questions about our latest launch? Our friendly Customer Care Team will be more than happy to help! Simply reach out to us on +44 (0)1462 416866 or at hello@yumove.com.

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