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How to calm a dog down

From travel and noise anxiety to separation anxiety in dogs, it’s possible you’ve observed one or more of these behaviours in your dog. In this guide, we reveal how to help keep your dog relaxed and calm no matter what the situation. Read on to find out how to deal with dog anxiety and some of the common signs to look out for.

Reinforce good behaviour from your dog

When your dog is calm and well-behaved, it’s great to reward them for their positive behaviour as this will likely mean they’ll repeat it. Show them physical affection and, if they’re motivated by treats, give them a couple when they’re calm.

Avoid encouraging an excitable or overstimulated dog

How do you calm an over-excited dog? Well, reacting positively to an over-excited dog will only encourage the behaviour and it may become more frequent. Giving them attention and affection is like telling them you like what they're doing, so try to ignore your dog when they’re misbehaving and avoid eye contact and interaction at these times.

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Signs of anxiety in a dog

If your dog is experiencing anxiety, you may notice some of the following behaviours:

  • Accidents around the house
  • Barking, howling, and/or whining
  • Destructive behaviours, like chewing or digging
  • Pacing and attempting to escape
  • Shivering and shaking
  • Hiding

How to calm an anxious dog

Pets are very instinctive and can pick up on our own attitudes and feelings sometimes. So, if you begin to panic, shout or fuss, they’re likely to feed off this energy. Remain calm when your canine companion is becoming over-excited, nervous or anxious and speak in low tones and keep your body relaxed.

Play calming music for dogs

Calming music can be a soothing remedy for anxious or restless dogs. Just as certain melodies can help relax humans, some dogs can benefit from the gentle sounds of specially designed calming music.

By playing these tunes, you can create a serene atmosphere that helps lower your dog's stress levels and promotes a sense of tranquillity, making it an effective tool in your efforts to calm your canine companion.

Try a solution developed with natural ingredients

If your four-legged friend gets nervous or anxious frequently, try our YuMOVE Dog Calming Supplement range.

Our scientifically proven ingredients help reduce stress, ease anxiety and promote calm behaviour. With Lemon Balm and B Vitamins, YuMOVE Calming Care supports the natural pathways in the brain, and healthy brain function, helping to reduce excitability.

For picky dogs, YuMOVE offers two different solutions. You can either opt for our calming tablets for dogs, or you can choose to give your pups our daily calming treats which come as a chew.


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