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Sponsored Rider Hannah Jones and YuMOVE

Hannah Jones- "I am qualified from Glasgow University Vet School in 2010 and have since worked full time at Avenue Veterinary Centre in Malvern. I have competed up to British Eventing Advanced Level and CCI** and Advanced Medium British Dressage on our homebred horses. I love producing horses from scratch and aim to go as far as I can!"

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Hannah's YuMOVE Experience

It is important for me to use joint support to help look after the joints and aid muscle recovery in my horses who are subject to high athletic demand during dressage and eventing training and competition. This is important throughout their careers and especially when working at higher levels meaning more strain is put on their joints, for example when more collection and impulsion are needed in the more advanced level dressage movements. As well as when they are getting older.

I have been using YuMOVE for a number of years, mainly on my competition horses with no problems to support them during their work and help to keep them supple and moving well. I have also used it on my older horse, who at 20 years old has retired from eventing but still does dressage up to Advanced Medium level. YuMOVE helps with stiffness in his hocks and keep him willing to engage with impulsion in the more collected work, having previously had his hocks medicated, since being on YuMOVE, it has not been needed to repeat this!

I would recommend YuMOVE to anyone wanting to use extra support for their competition horses or help an older stiffer horse to stay active for longer (and your dogs too of course!). My tip when starting YuMOVE, especially if your horse is a fussy eater like some of mine are, I would recommend introducing it slowly as it does have some smell to it. All of my horses eat it happily at full dose but my fussy mare I made sure to introduce it slowly to their feed!

I am excited to try the new formula, which contains the unique ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel for the anti-inflammatory properties of Omega 3 plus more MSM, which has also been linked to helping coat and hoof condition as well as many potential positive effects on the joints/muscles. YuMOVE is clinically proven and in my job as a veterinary surgeon I regularly see and hear from clients about the fantastic improvement in quality of life and stiffness in dogs and cats taking YuMOVE.

Hannah's Horses

Replica ("Flicka") is our 10-year-old homebred dressage mare. She is a total sweetie and has done a bit of everything but now she is stronger she is really starting to do well and impress in the dressage arena. I am currently aiming for PSG and we have just started competing at Advanced Medium. She feels better than ever after a few little injuries sustained in the field in the past few years. She qualified for the Petplan Medium Silver Area Festival Championships by winning the final at Field House last September and went to Hartpury to compete at the Championship rescheduled from April. She was just pipped into 2nd finishing on the same score as first with the collectives splitting us, a fantastic result. I am now planning to have another go at Medium Regionals (where she finished inside the top half in the spring) and qualify for the Advanced Medium Petplan.

Hannah and Flicka

Flicka is very laid back and loves to lick anyone, anywhere so you have to watch you don't get a big kiss right down your face!! She loves hacking and we have been right up onto the Malvern Hills together! She also loves to jump and does so regularly at home.

2 Unlimited ("Leo") is our very exciting homebred 5yo by Take It 2 The Limit and full brother to our first homebred Advanced Eventing mare. He was meant to start eventing this spring but has been a bit delayed by COVID-19. We have managed to do two events at 90cm now though, where he led the dressage both times with lovely 20's dressage tests, clear SJ and at the most recent event a fabulous clear XC too for 2nd place. He will step up to 100cm now and is so exciting for the future and especially as I haven't had a horse to event for the last couple of years! He is a total softie and loves cuddles, he totally trusts me now after being a little unsure when I backed him quite what I was doing on his back especially if I moved!!

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