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The effects of too much sitting

The effects of too much sitting


For lots of us, hybrid working has become the norm. And while it certainly has its perks, including a shorter commute and 24/7 access to the fridge, it also means many of us are working in less-than-ideal conditions.

But exactly how damaging can sitting on a squishy sofa or rock-hard coffee chair be? Very, it turns out. In this post, we’ll explain the negative effects of sitting and what you can do about them…

Why sitting is bad for you?

It’s no secret that keeping active is key to our overall health and wellbeing. Professionals recommend doing some physical activity every single day. And studies have consistently shown that those who live an active life live longer.

  • Sitting for long periods of time slows the metabolism, making it harder for the body to break down fat and regulate blood pressure and blood sugar
  • It increases the risk of weight gain, as we’re naturally burning fewer calories when we’re not up and about
  • It’s linked to diabetes, as a lack of movement can cause an increase in insulin resistance
  • Sitting for too long can cause stiffness in the joints thanks to poor posture and inactivity
  • Muscles and bones can become weaker
Woman sitting at desk

What you can do about it?

Here are some top tips for combatting the effects of sitting…

Try desk exercises
Just because you’re at your desk doesn’t mean you can’t get physical! There are lots of strength and mobility-boosting exercises you can do to keep things moving. Heard of Chair Yoga? Take a look at some of our favourite chair yoga moves.

Make a daily walk your priority
It’s so easy to stay glued to the screen for the entire day. Especially with a lack of commute to and from work, lots of us are logging on early and working late. It’s so important to get out at least once a day. A walk in the fresh air, a hit of much-needed Vitamin D – it does wonders for the body.

Three women walking in local park

Make sure you’ve got a proper WFH set up
We’re talking a decent office chair that encourages good posture, a riser that keeps your screen at eye level, and a proper mouse and keyboard.

Arrange standing video calls
Not always practical, but where possible, could you make certain meetings standing video calls?

Seek out opportunities for movement
While you’re bingeing the latest Netflix series, commit to jogging on the spot while the next episode loads. Or doing star jumps while the kettle boils. Brushing your teeth? See how many squats you can pack in! It’s all about being mindful of how active you’re keeping.

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