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Different ways to hit 10k steps

Different ways to hit 10k steps


10,000 steps a day has become the daily default among health chatter – just look at every pedometer out there! But the origin of the 10k rule is actually completely random. Back in the 60s, just before the Tokyo Olympic Games of 64’, a Japanese company released a pedometer called Manpo-kei, which translates as follows: ‘Man’ = 10,000, ‘po’ = steps and ‘kei’ = meter. The product was a gamechanger in the fitness market and, as a result, the name stuck.

Is 10k the golden number?

The truth is, there’s no magic rule or formula for a happy and healthy life. We all know the benefits of eating well, getting regular exercise and generally keeping fit and active! 10,000 steps equates to around 90 minutes of moderate activity each day, and it is a goal that lots of people aspire to hit.

Whether you’re aiming for 10k, or simply as many steps as possible, here are some ways to step it up…

Walk the dog

We might be biased, but here at YuMOVE we don’t think there’s a better way to start the day than by walking a pooch. Not only will this help you get your steps in, it’s also a great way to lift your mood and clear your head. 10k translates to 6.2 miles, which may be too much for some dogs in one hit. But even half a mile will contribute towards your 10k daily end goal!

owner walking dog along path

Get your Hinch on!

Ask Mrs Hinch (or any cleaner, for that matter) and they’ll tell you, a good clean can be an intense workout! Hoovering, mopping, polishing – whatever it is, it’ll get you moving!

Become a stair master

Most of us are still working from home, at least for part of the week, and while there are lots of positives to the set-up, there’s no denying it means we’re on our feet a whole lot less. Set regular alarms on your phone or computer to prompt you to get up and move around regularly. Setting yourself a goal to walk up and down the stairs or landing at least every 30 minutes will really help those steps clock up. 

Take the stairs

An oldie but a goodie. Wherever you are – at the shopping centre, the office, the train station – make sure you take the stairs over the lift or escalator. That is, when we’re allowed to visit these spots again! And while pacing up and down the stairs at home might be a little dull, it’s a good topper-upper if you haven’t hit your magic number towards the end of the day.

woman and child walking down stairs

Get moving during ad breaks

Quit fast-forwarding when the adverts come on, and instead use this as an opportunity to pace, jog, walk – whatever you fancy. You’d be surprised at how many steps you can pack in – most ad breaks run for an average of three-and-a-half minutes. Of course, how many you clock up will depend on your fitness levels and the effort you put in. But every little helps!

Dance up a storm in the kitchen!

Nothing beats getting outside for a walk, but if that’s difficult for you, or it’s pouring down with rain, there are other options. Turn the radio up and dance around the kitchen for ten minutes, or head over to YouTube and choose from hundreds of fun, free and joint-friendly walking workouts.


Here at YuMOVE, we’re on a mission to help our customers – both humans and pets – live an active life, for life. If you haven’t already discovered iMOVE Active – our daily joint supplement for adults – take a look at the benefits here. Subscribe today to save 30% every month. 

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