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Why YuMOVE Helps Over 2 Million Dogs

At YuMOVE, we’re proud that we’ve now helped over 2 million dogs in the UK to become more mobile and rediscover their zest for life. It’s great to hear from our customers about how much difference YuMOVE Joint Care makes to their pooches’ ability to run, jump and play.

Helping your furry best friend

Here, Lisa tells us what happened when Bailey, her seven year old Golden Retriever, took YuMOVE Joint Care.

“Bailey means everything to me. He’s my friend, he’s my companion, he’s there for me when I’m sad and when I’m happy.
Bailey slowed down last year. He wouldn’t jump in the car and didn’t want to run. The vet recommended YuMOVE. I noticed it making a difference within a month or so when Bailey jumped into the car really easily. Now when we’re walking, Bailey’s running around, just enjoying himself. YuMOVE’s had an amazing impact on our life.”

By dog lovers, for dog lovers

YuMOVE is special because it was developed for a much-loved family dog, Charlie, the chocolate Lab. He was owned by John Davies, one of the founders of Lintbells, which makes YuMOVE.

Following an operation for a slipped disc, Charlie became much less mobile and started struggling on walks.

John tried everything to try to help Charlie, but nothing worked. So he asked Dr John Howie, the other founder of Lintbells, if they could put their heads together and come up with something better.

Miraculous mussels

Green Lipped Mussels in hands

The two Johns were determined to search the world for the best possible natural ingredients to help Charlie. They eventually found what they were looking for on the other side of the planet in the crystal-clear waters of the New Zealand coast – Green-Lipped Mussels.

Green Lipped Mussels are only found in New Zealand, where they have been sustainably farmed since the 1970s.

These shellfish are renowned for their naturally high concentrations of Omega 3 and other fatty acids which can help support joints and general joint health. You’ll find them in many joint supplements for humans. And if they’re good enough for us, they’re definitely good enough for our four-pawed friends.

Drawing on their love for dogs and their scientific knowledge, the two Johns created a new formulation containing top-strength, high-quality Green-Lipped Mussel, Glucosamine and Hyaluronic Acid to help cushion the joints.

Back on the sofa

After six weeks of taking YuMOVE Joint Care, Charlie astonished everyone by suddenly jumping up on the sofa again – something he hadn’t been able to do for ages. His mobility improved and he was able to go out and enjoy walks with the family once more.

Charlie the Lab on the sofa

When they saw the difference that YuMOVE Joint Care made to Charlie’s happiness, the two Johns set out to share it with as many pets as possible. It’s now the UK’s No.1 joint supplement* and it helps a million dogs in the UK alone to enjoy life to the full every day.

Proven to work in six weeks

YuMOVE Joint Care is also special because an independent clinical study proves that it works. The tests were carried out by the Royal Veterinary College, the world’s number one veterinary school.

“YuMOVE provides significant improvements in canine mobility over six weeks.”
Study by the Royal Veterinary College

These results establish independent, rigorous clinical evidence for YuMOVE Joint Care, so that dog owners can know what to expect from a clinically-proven joint supplement in real-life situations.

Only the best ingredients

You could say we’re picky about the ingredients that go into our YuMOVE supplements. We only want and use the best, so we can be sure that your dog will get the best possible results. Here are some of the key ingredients you’ll find in YuMOVE:

  • ActivEase Green Lipped Mussels – We source from the very best mussel farmers in New Zealand and use a unique extraction process that produces a higher concentration of the all-important Omega 3 oils. YuMOVE has up to four times more Omega 3 than standard supplements, helping to keep your dog’s joints more mobile.
  • Natural Vitamin E – We add Vitamin E to YuMOVE so that the Omega 3 works effectively. We specifically use a natural form of the vitamin derived from vegetable oil as it’s easier for your dog’s body to absorb.
  • The right sort of Hyaluronic Acid – Hyaluronic Acid works as a shock absorber to cushion your dog’s joints. We use one specific type of Hyaluronic Acid that’s proven to be absorbed by dogs and to migrate to your dog’s joints in just two hours.
  • Vegetarian Glucosamine – Glucosamine helps maintain and support the cartilage in your dog’s joints. We use vegetarian Glucosamine extracted from corn, as it’s a purer source than Glucosamine from shellfish.

Always improving

Like our pets, YuMOVE never stands still! Over the years, we’ve kept on innovating, tweaking our formula to make the most of the latest scientific advances and working to make our products more sustainable.

We work closely with farmers and manufacturers to refine and improve the quality of our ingredients and ensure that we maintain standards at the highest possible level. We are closely involved in sourcing our ingredients so we can make sure they are ethically produced.

The YuMOVE range: something for every dog

We’ve also expanded the YuMOVE range so we can help even more animals who suffer from stiff joints.

Since we first developed YuMOVE Joint Care, we’ve constantly listened to what customers want and have changed our range accordingly. So as well as the classic YuMOVE Joint Care supplement, we also have YuMOVE Joint Care for Young Dogs that supports young and growing joints, YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS for older dogs, and YuMOVE Working Dog for all those Pointers, Retrievers and Spaniels that are constantly on the go.

The latest addition to the range is YuMOVE One-A-Day, which comes in convenient bone-shaped chews. They’re particularly good for dogs who don’t like tablets. Just give them once a day, like a treat.

Keep on chasing squirrels

The last word goes to Alison, who recently wrote this on Trustpilot:

“I have a 10 year old Springer Spaniel, and his joints have been cracking for a while. Having looked at reviews, I decided to try him with YuMOVE, and after only a few weeks I can see a noticeable difference. He has always been an active dog, and retired as a working dog 2 years ago. His passion in life is going for walks and squirrel chasing, so I didn't want his joints to seize up. Even better - I have signed up for repeat orders to be sent through to me automatically, so I will never forget to order or run out.....”

Would you like to know more?

If you’d like to find out which type of YuMOVE would be best for your dog, do get in touch with our friendly customer service team by calling us on 01462 416866 or emailing us at We’d love to help.

*Kynetec VetTrak Sales Data, MAT values (January, 2021)

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