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YuMOVE Skin and Coat Care for Moulting Cats – what’s in it?


As much as we love our furry feline friends, there comes a point – after they’ve shed all over the furniture and kept the vacuum busy 24/7 – that enough is enough.

That’s why we formulated YuMOVE Skin and Coat Care Moulting for Cats to help you get tough on fluff and nourish your cat’s coat. With natural oils as a source of Omegas, it helps reduce excess moulting and can support cats with hairballs.

Here’s what you need to know about this great supplement…

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Get prepared ahead of moulting season

While cats will naturally moult year-round, there are certain times of the year when you might notice the loose fur flying into overdrive: autumn and spring.

In autumn, many cats shed their finer summer coats and begin to grow in their thick winter coats – insulation against the chilly days and nights ahead.

In spring, many cats shed their heavy winter coats, including the fine hairs of their undercoat, to prepare for the warmer weather.

Getting prepared for the moulting season ahead of time with YuMOVE Skin & Coat Care can help you to keep your cat’s moulting more manageable and ease them into their next season’s fit, instead of being hit by a sudden avalanche of fluff all at once.

How to feed it to your cat

Simply add a few drops to your feline’s food! We’d recommend 1ml for an average-size cat (4-5kg), and for smaller felines, four drops per kg of weight. Start with just a few drops for the first week or so, allowing your cat to get used to the change, then build up to the full amount.

So, how does YuMOVE Skin and Coat Care for Moulting Cats work? Well, it’s through a powerful blend of ingredients, which we’ll talk through below…

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YuMOVE Skin and Coat Care for Moulting Cats – formula breakdown

Each bottle of YuMOVE Moulting Cat contains the following…
• Evening Primrose
• Fish oil
• Sunflower oil (containing linoleic acid)
• Vitamin E

Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose contains Omega-6 fatty acids to help nourish and replenish your cat's skin.

Sunflower and Fish oil
The nourishing oils in this ingredient combo, work with Evening Primrose to help reduce moulting and improve the health of the skin and coat.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an antioxidant which helps to clear up free radicals (molecules that damage cells and contribute to sickness and ageing) and supports the skin’s defence mechanisms.

Background image of fluffy ginger cat with customer review layered on top: “Excellent product used on my cat less moulting and fur looking great.”

Finding your feline friend’s fur all over the home can be a real nuisance. YuMOVE Skin & Coat Care Moulting for Cats can reduce excess moulting, help support cats with hairballs and leave skin nourished, with a healthy, shiny coat.

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