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What we love about Crufts!

What we love about Crufts!

Are you off to Crufts for the first time this year or have you lost count of visits? Either way, lucky you! It’s a thoroughly woof-tastic celebration of everything dogs. You’ll spot exotic breeds, watch jaw-dropping agility displays and admire many a perfect haunch and glossy coat.

YuMOVE has been going to Crufts since we were pups. Now, that we could be considered as more senior Cruft goers in dog years (and some of us in human years too!) we feel as though we are well placed to give you our top tips for what to see, do and how you can get the most of your visit. And for those of you who shop with us, we also wanted to give you a sneak peak of what we have got going on at our stand this year…how is it Crufts 2020 already!?

So, here are our tips for what to see, what to do and how to get the most out of your visit. Our Head HR Rebecca, who is very much a veteran of the show, will be taking you through these tips.

What we love about Crufts, the buzz

“I love the atmosphere at Crufts,” says Rebecca Davies of YuMOVE.“You can feel that buzz in the air from the competitors, public and stand holders too. After a long year of showing, this is where the dogs and their owners can go the extra mile and win the most important prizes. It feels like the highlight of the year in the dog world and it’s always great thing to be a part of.”

Busy Crufts Stand

You need a Crufts master plan. It's huge

“Crufts is across FIVE halls of the NEC in Birmingham and there’s a huge amount going on,” adds Rebecca.“So, it’s good to have a rough plan of what you’d like to see before you go, whether that’s watching competitions and displays, learning dog training skills or choosing the best dog breed for your family.”

Don’t step on any paws

Rebecca points out that it’s important to be aware of four-legged friends when you’re making your way through the halls. The public can’t take their pets to Crufts, so the majority of dogs you see will be competitors along with those that are part of the Discover Dogs section.“It can get very crowded and dogs will be walking around, looking their best, waiting for their moment to shine. So, it goods to be aware that amongst the crowds of people, you are very likely to come across a few pooches on your journey,” she says.

Who’s top dog?

This year, 28,000 dogs will be in attendance. Last year, Dylan the Papillon was officially crowned top dog.

And who’ll win this year? Statistically, Cocker Spaniels have triumphed more than any other breed, closely followed by Welsh Terriers and Irish Setters.

Cocker Spaniel in a field

Beat the rush

As you can imagine, the weekend is the busiest time at Crufts, as that’s when most people are free. Plus, the Best in Show judging happens on Sunday. However, there are activities and displays on all four days. So, why not go on the Thursday or Friday (if you can)?

Learn how your dog can be a good canine citizen

According to The Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Scheme, there are no bad dogs, just untrained owners. Check out the Good Citizen Dog Scheme area at Crufts to pick up training tips and techniques you can try out with your dog.

Discover, the Discover Dogs area which is another of our favourite places to hang out at Crufts. If you’re thinking of getting a puppy but you aren’t sure whether a Dachshund or a Dalmatian would be best for you, or even if you would just love to learn all about all the breeds out there, the clued-up owners and breeders at Discover Dogs can help you decide.

You can learn about the distinctive personalities, traits and looks of each breed and test out puppies for that crucial huggability factor too!

Shop for everything for your dog – from Astroturf to Zoflora, to YuMOVE😉

Crufts isn’t just the world’s largest dog show, it’s also one of the biggest doggy shopping malls you’ll ever come across. Wander around 550 trade stands offering everything from tasty treats and clothing to accessories and grooming products. If your chilly Whippet needs a coat or your Lab needs a wash, you’ll find a stand that can help.

Golden Retriever at YuMOVE's stand

Come and say hello

Talking of which, we’ll be hoping to catch you at our YuMOVE stand - number 121 in Hall 3. Our friendly team will be there, ready to help you with natural pet supplements to keep your dog visibly full of life, from nose to tail.

Our team of pet lovers will be there to help you with any product or dog health related questions, to help keep your dog visibly full of life. We are also offering:

  • All customers who purchase a product from the Lintbells stand will receive one of our new YuMOVE Bags for Life.

YuMOVE Bag for life

  • Find the YuMOVE Golden Ticket! – 4x golden tickets will be hidden in YuMOVE Adult 300 tablet tubs. The 4 lucky winners will win a year’s supply of YuMOVE for 1 dog.

  • Up to 40% off all Lintbells products – This will include Crufts 2020 exclusive bulk deals.

Peter Purves supporting our YuMOVE mission

The illustrious voice of Crufts, Peter Purves, will return to Crufts from 5th March – 8th March but this time he will be joining us! He’s with us to help us on our mission of helping you keep you pets active for life.

Peter will be behind-the-scenes joining our team on our social media channels for updates throughout the show. Peter will also be a part of our YuMOVE campaign ‘Life in the old dog yet’ encouraging us all as pet owners to think more regularly about how quickly our dogs age and describe the steps to help dogs live their most active life, for life.

Peter Purves said: “It’s great to be involved with Crufts, something that has been a huge part of my life for the past 41 years and it just shows there’s certainly life in the old dog yet. We all get older, both humans and dogs, but with the right support and by staying active, we can remain happy and healthy and keep doing the things we love – so here I am!”

Look out for Peter our stand throughout the show and see you there! And if not, check out our Crufts coverage on our social channels Facebook and Instagram

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