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Celebrating 15 years of Lintbells | The Home of YuMOVE

Celebrating 15 years of Lintbells | The Home of YuMOVE

We’re celebrating 15 years of a company that all started with two co-founders called John and the strong belief they could transform pets’ lives.

Lintbells was established in 2006 by John Davies and Dr John Howie with the ambition of giving pets healthier, happier lives with natural supplements. And it couldn’t have been done without the influence of one dog – John Davies’ Chocolate Labrador, Charlie, who was slowing down and struggling on walks following an operation for a slipped disc. John tried everything to try to help Charlie, but nothing worked. But that was about to change. Along with the help of Charlie, John and John went about researching, testing and improving a brand-new formulation that would become the preferred choice in the UK for pets experiencing stiffness. One that was truly effective.

We attended our first show in 2007 with YuMEGA Dog, our first product. Since then, we’ve attended over 500 events, giving pet owners and industry professionals the chance to quiz us face-to-face on how we go about making sure every dog, cat and horse lives their most active lives, for longer. We never tire of talking about it and you’ll notice our eyes light up when we do. For us, it’s a shared passion.

Then, in 2009, came YuMOVE, now the UK’s number one joint supplement. We went above and beyond to make it what it is – and each year over 1.5 million dogs and their owners would tell us that it was worth it. It took numerous trips to New Zealand (the home of YuMOVE’s star ingredient, the Green Lipped Mussel) to identify the specific bay we wanted to farm our mussels in. And that’s just one example of us going the extra mile to make sure we can deliver ingredients from Vitamin A to Zinc with total confidence. For our products to do what they say and what we’ve promised, in order to change your pets’ lives.

From the debut of YuMEGA Dog until now, we’ve grown our product range, grown our customer base (welcoming cats, horses and humans into the fold) and updated our look to match our personality. We’re full of vitality, and we hope it shows. We’ve won awards – including The Queen’s Award for Innovation – and received a visit from HRH The Princess Royal to mark the expansion of the business, significant local employment and our charitable work achieved during the pandemic. What's more, we’re making our way around the world. Of course, those achievements make us proud, but the reason we do what we do and we’re able to do it, comes down to two things. Your pets and our people.

Our growing pack of satisfied customers started with Charlie, and he’s since been joined by over 1.5 million dogs around the world. Stories of pets whose daily antics have been revitalised by our supplements are what matter to us the most. From Bailey, the Golden Retriever, who can now easily jump into the car and keep up on walks, to Cassie, the German Shepherd, who is running, jumping and playing like a puppy again, our countless five-star reviews are the best kind of fan mail we could receive. There’s nothing more rewarding than happy pets, and that’s why we’ll continue to enhance the lives of as many pets as possible.

And last, but definitely not least, the reason we’re able to help so many pets worldwide comes down to the people who are proud to call themselves team members. For us, it’s as much about being full of energy, enthusiasm and commitment to learn and grow, as it is about skill set and knowledge. Our dedicated team is devoted to helping all dogs, cats and horses with joint stiffness lead more mobile lives. Giving you and your pet the chance to share more moments, for longer.

So, here’s to the next 15 years… and beyond!
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