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It’s National Walking The Dog Day!

Did you know that today is National Walking The Dog Day? If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a day to celebrate all things walkies with your four-legged best friend! We’re exploring the special ways you could mark the occasion…

Ways to celebrate

Treat them!

If your dog has a favourite walking spot – a huge grassy field, or a park full of pup pals – today’s the day to indulge them. For an extra-special treat, pull out a tasty snack or a brand-new toy while you’re treading terrain.

Go on an adventure

Dogs just love exploring new places, so if you tend to visit the same local park on your daily walk, switch it up a bit in honour of the occasion. Pile in the car and head for the nearest woodland, or take a trip to the beach so your pooch can experience the sand, wind and salty spray. Make sure you stick to local lockdown guidelines, though.

Black Labrador Puppy Walking with Owner

Why walkies is essential for your dog

While today is a great day to get out and about with your pup, walkies should be a part of your – and their – everyday routine. Not only is it a must for keeping your dog fit and healthy (keeping the likes of joint stiffness and weight gain at bay), it’s also a chance for bonding, mental stimulation, and an opportunity to socialise with other canine pals. Not to mention, they absolutely adore it!

So the next time your dog is hounding you to get out (pardon the pun) and it’s pouring with rain, or you’re just trying to get that very last email or task ticked off, bear the above in mind!

Woman walking dog on lead in park

The human benefits

While walkies is brilliant for our canines, it’s also hugely beneficial for us. For one, it’s a real mood-lifter, getting out in the fresh air and taking some time-out to just breathe and move. Talk about getting those endorphins flowing! Regular walks are also said to reduce stress, improve fitness levels and mobility, plus lower blood pressure. Win-win!

You know how much we love seeing what you get up to with your pets. Let us know how you’re celebrating National Walking The Dog Day – tag us in your snaps and stories on Instagram and Facebook.

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