What's the best thing for dogs’ joints?

There are lots of ways to support your dog's joints. Maintaining an ideal weight for their breed and size is key, along with regular exercise. If you’re unsure how much exercise your dog needs, your vet can advise you. Feeding your dog a high-quality daily joint supplement, such as YuMOVE Joint Care, is also a great way to help soothe stiff joints and support your dog’s joint structure so they can continue to enjoy a happy and active life.

Do joint chews for dogs work?

We think so, and our ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot would suggest so too! Joint supplements are especially helpful for older dogs as they can help soothe stiff joints and aid mobility. But despite popular opinion, dog joint supplements aren’t just for senior dogs. Young and adult dogs deserve proactive daily joint support too.

Will my dog like the taste of YuMOVE Daily Bites?

We hope so! A lot of care has gone into making YuMOVE Daily Bites super tasty. In fact, they’ve been specially created for dogs who can be fussy about taking tablets.

How can I help my dog with joint mobility?

The best way to support your dog’s mobility is through a controlled diet and regular exercise. Giving your dog a high-quality joint supplement, like YuMOVE Joint Care – designed to cushion and lubricate joints and support joint structure – is another excellent way to support their mobility and keep them happy and active. Always speak to your vet if you have any concerns about your dog’s mobility.

Do I need to give mydog a joint supplement every day?

When it comes to joint supplements for dogs, consistency is key. That’s because skipping days – or feeding your pet less than the recommended daily allowance – can slow down the build-up of active ingredients in your dog’s joints, and they may not enjoy the full benefits. Giving your pet their daily YuMOVE at the same time every day, for example, at mealtimes, means they’ll never miss out.


Dog Joint Chews to Promote Joint Mobility

YuMOVE's dog joint care chews are specifically formulated to support canine joint health and mobility. These tasty joint care supplements are not only loved by dogs but also vet-recommended*. Each YuMOVE dog joint chew is packed with high-quality ingredients such as our unique and sustainably sourced ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel and plant-based Glucosamine. What's more, even the fussiest dogs will love the taste of these delicious chews, delivering joint support in a format that tastes as good as it feels.